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Podcast: Your Plate Equals Your Outcome

Welcome! and Thank you for listening. What are you eating for?  A common reaction is stress eating.  Was your goal accomplished.  Most of the time that is temporary.  A short, feel good moment.  Goal achieved.  But then the guilt sets in.  Why, the goal was achieved?  The guilt is because we all know the real […]
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Podcast: Comfort Food and E-cigs

Welcome! and Thank you for Listening.  What does Paula Dean have to do with E-Cigs? How different is cheesy grits and bacon from E cigs when it comes to health.  You cannot live on E cigs, but you can survive in some form eating greasy “comfort” foods as she describes.  However, both will ultimately get […]
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Blogpost: Comfort Foods

What is comfort food? Google says it is food that provides consolation or a feeling of wellbeing. It often has a high sugar content and is associated with home cooking.  Comfort foods are usually made with  simple ingredient and often high in carbohydrates. Southern living lists Mac and Cheese, fried chicken, creamy mushroom grits, biscuits, […]
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