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My Big Fun Vegan Wedding

“How To” wedding planning advice from Dietitian Addie! July 23, 2016 … the best day of my life, the day I married my best friend and made lifelong memories with our closest friends and family. I had a few “must haves” that went in to our wedding planning, one in particular that pertained to the […]
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Half Way Through the Year… Time to Check In!

A Thursday Thought from Dietitian Addie We check our email, we check how many likes or followers we have on social media, but how often do we truly check in on our health? Typically, we pay attention to our health when something goes wrong or at the first of the year when the hot topic […]
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Are you focused on achieving health or a number?

A Thursday Thought from Dietitian Addie Focusing on either maintaining or improving your current health is FABULOUS! Virtual HIGH-FIVE to you for noting the importance of taking care of your body by both what you eat and how you move! But are you truly looking at health changes or are you just a slave to […]
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Blogpost: Enlightenment: Lessons from a 100 year old.

I am not exactly sure if our relationship started as a doctor-patient or meeting at the Special Olympics sporting events because it was many years ago. When I moved to Florida, 85 seemed to be an old age, at least on paper. But it certainly was not for Winnie. She was heavily involved with Special […]
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Your Dietitian’s Earth Day Tips!

Earth, what a beautiful place we are blessed to live. Not only to live however, but to take care of in all of its wondrous glory. This Earth Day I would like to share with you some tips & tricks to combat one of the ways us humans can improve how we are taking care […]
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