Breast Cancer Prevention Podcast with Addie Dulaney-Majnaric

Welcome and thank you for listening.  October is breast cancer awareness month.  Much of the attention is focused on detection and a hope for a cure.  This podcast is about prevention and empowerment.  Addie Dulaney-Majnaric joins me today as we discuss ways to prevent breast cancer and the hope and power every women deserves.  Women have been a victim to barbaric surgeries and treatments that have not resulted in longer lives but longer lives knowing they have cancer.  Wearing pink and hoping for a rescue is not the answer.  However, eating a nutrient dense plant- based diet and exercising will help significantly to decrease the risk of developing cancer and preventing a recurrence.

In today’s podcast we discuss the role of dairy fueling DNA damage, promoting cancer and it’s role in promoting growth of the tumors though the casein protein and high estrogen levels associated in drinking a fluid full of growth hormones.  Eliminating dairy is just the beginning.  We can eat a colorful plant based diet rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients that will hep to decrease angiogenesis in tumors and stop the grow of tumors.  Add mushrooms, and berries of all varieties to your diet daily.  Those same nitric oxide producing cruciferous vegetables like broccoli also decrease abnormal blood vessel growth.  As the mothers and matriarchs in our families, we need to set the example for healthy eating to prevent disease and set our children on the path to nutrient dense disease fighting nutrition for a healthier generation tomorrow.

Thanks for listening.  Please email me at or Addie at  Please visit the website to see what is new and how we might help you to take control of your health and promote health in your family.  Plant strong!


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