Change needed for the whole family

Today at the county pool I noticed a family that was suffering the side effects of the traditional American diet.  There were many 48oz fountain drinks on the table with sugary treats and chips.  The entire family was significantly overweight.  The children were not even playing in the water. It was commendable to spend the day together at the pool. I am sure the treats were purchased as a treat for the children.  There nutrition was out of control.  Perhaps a nice healthy lunch at home prior to going to the pool with a fruit bowl for the poolside would have been a better alternative to the high fat chemical laden choices.

The health cost and suffering that this family is going to have to endure is sad.  Largely because the norm is to cater to fast food companies and fancy advertising from snack makers.  Parents and grandparents need to take responsibility to set an example for their children by providing healthful food and snacks as well as a healthy active lifestyle.  Walk to the bus stop instead of driving your children.  Swim instead of floating.  Enter sporting activities together.  Make juices or smoothies to take to the park instead of stopping to by sugary drinks.  Help save our future from disease.

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