Easter dinner

Easter dinner of my youth was an eating fest. My Grandmother would cook a turkey and a ham. Sweet potatoes candied and mashed potatoes with butter and whole milk. Green beans and Lima beans. Dressing and homemade rolls. Cream cheese jello salad. Banana and coconut cream pies. Nearly every adult was overweight. None of us were skinny. After my Grandmother passed the family dinners became more of single family affairs. My mom took over the cooking. Prime rib became the meat and the pies were changed to cake but pretty much everything else stayed the same.

This was the first vegan Easter. All bunnies and cows ran free. We started with vegetable sushi and hummus for appetizers then we had stuffing with mushroom gravy, Lima beans, green beans and cranberry salad. We had sweet potatoes and cherry pie for desert. All were satisfied and full.

Mushroom gravy:

Saute onions and mushrooms with little olive oil and then add vegetable broths. Thickened with a little cornstarch

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