Easter Sunday Feast

Holiday time results in much stress about food.  Especially if you are trying to change your diet or eating things that are not traditional for your family.  Some panic if there is not a turkey or ham involved.  We have found it is the side dishes that we enjoy most.

This year we plant to have sweet potatoes, Waldorf salad, arugula salad,  stuffing balls made with vegetable broth, Lima beans, grilled asparagus, and mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy and a Field Roast.  The Field Roast is a seitan and soy based roast  around a cranberry dressing.  It is really not a must but it seems to make my mom feel better that there is a “roast” of sorts on the table.  Desert will be a vegan white cake with strawberries.

When we all sit down it will not be about the food but the fellowship at the table.  We will be missing my daughter this year who is in the middle of her rowing season at WVU.  We will Skye a toast and celebrate her birthday in person in a few weeks.

Happy Easter to all and may your spring be filled with health and joy.

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