Episode 115-Plants give you Energy

I became a cardiologist largely because my grandparents died from heart disease and I want to be able to help. Preventing has always been more important to me than curing because I have seen what happens once heart disease begins. The same way with diabetes. This past week I experienced being the daughter of a patient with heart disease. Luckily it was the most common arrhythmia we see which is atrial fibrillation. That said it is not to be ignored because it also carries a seven fold increase in stroke rate for those in the arrhythmia not on blood thinners. The realm of medications used to treat this disease vary from very benign to potentially toxic and some can actually cause worse arrhythmias than atrial fibrillation. There is also another side of this arrhythmia in that sometimes the heart can pause for seconds at a time causing one to faint followed by fast rates causing eventual failure of the heart muscle. Bottom line my mother ended up with a pacemaker and a heart catheterization this week. The great news is that she is doing well and the better news is that her coronary arteries are quite nice. I attribute this to her plant based diet. At 84 she does Zumba and is a competitive golfer despite her siblings and parents dying young of heart disease. She has plenty of energy eating plants. No protein deficency and no bone fractures despite a tumble now and then from the ladder she is not suppose to climb. I discuss protein and minerals and the benefits of being active this week. My 50 K is off for now. Many racing opportunities to come. Family first. Email me at with questions. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @jaimeladulaney. Check out my website at I would love a nice review on Itunes if you can spare a moment. Thank you for listening and eat your greens!

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