Episode 116 with Timaree Hagenburger-Excusitarian Chapter 3

Welcome to another Excusetarian edition with my guest Timaree Hagenburger, RD, mPH. Today we address not starting on a plant based journey because you don’t know where to start. The bottom line is you can’t fail so jump right in. Cooking is not as complicated as the Food Network Chefs would like you to believe. Beans, greens and a potatoe can be a great meal. Soup can be made from the overstock of vegetables in your refrigerator. A variety of vegetables in your crockpot or pressure cooker generates a fabulous nutritious vegetable stock. You can do “planovers” such as soup over greens the next day. Or leftover vege tacos. Turn leftovers into soup. Cook a batch of beans to have alone, used to make a Budha bowl with a sause, or into a burger. Take inventory of your pantry and decide what you are going to have for dinner in the morning rather than wait until you are pressured and missing ingredients at the end of the day. I write down what I am going to have for dinner for several days in a row so I can make a list of what ingredients I need. This also keeps you from secumbing to vegetable pressure and waste. Get all of the ingredients out and have a waste bowl for composting so that cooking becomes more organized and enjoyable. I use the Notes app or Anylist app to keep recipes that I like for later reference. If we make a soup I note the ingredients so I can remember for next time. Enlist a cooking buddy to share in the meal prep or have potlucks. Dining at home with friends is very relaxing. You get a great meal at less cost in a relaxed environment. Check out Timaree’s book: The Foodie Bar Way for excellent ideas to make everyone happy. Follow her on Twitter at TheNutritionProfessor and check out her website Email me with questions at and check out my website at Thank you for listening. We would love it as well if you would go to ITunes to leave us a great review. That way we can spread the work to more people. Thank you

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