Episode 56-Happy Plant Fueled Thanksgiving

CornucopiaThanksgivingHappy Plant Based Thanksgiving. This is the time of year to give and be greatful. What a better way than introducing friends and family to wonderful, delicious vegetable and fruit dishes. How about a vegan no oil cookie exchange or even yet a vegetable dish card exchange. By bringing and making dishes for others they learn and you get to eat healthy food. Remember it is a journey for everyone but all of us face challenges early on so support each other.
I will be starting my sixth class and will actually be having two time slots this session. We also have set the date, January 23, 2016 for the first Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Conference with food, speakers, and cooking demonstrations that last the whole day. I will be making the official announcement in the next few week as well as letting you know who the featured fantastic world renouned speaker will be. I am just a little bit excited.
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Please log onto itunes and give me a 4 start review so the plant based word can be spread. Remember to pay it forward and share a little plant based love this season. Peace to all.

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