Episode 90- with Josh LaJaunie


Is it the “ghost servings” that are holding you back from achieving your goals. Josh LaJaunie has been there and understands. He has also learned to love himself enough not to let others sabotage his decision to take his health back. Josh has lost over 200 pounds, started running and has progressed to now coming in third Overall in the Wildcat 100. That was not his original goal. He started just trying to fit in a nice suit for a college presentation. Then finish a 5K. Then beat that time and do a 10K. How about a marathon or a 50K or a 50 miler and more marathons faster. He believes our bodies were meant to move. A lot. I agree. Eat plants and move your body. Get out into nature and see the sun come up and feel the sun and the wind. Believe in yourself enough to say to others I choose to eat vegetables and fruit so that I can move my body and enjoy a long healthy life. Enjoy this chat with Josh. Email me a and check out my website at

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