Red Beans, White Beans: Better than Red Meat, White Meat

Dr Seuss never talked much about green vegetables but he did talk of green eggs and ham. Sam I am finally got the famous character to eat the green eggs and ham and he liked them. He liked them everywhere once he tried them. The reality is that we like what is comfortable and we often attach fond memories to particular foods. This week I discuss an article published in the British Medical Journal which noted increased all cause mortality with the consumption of red meat versus white meat. Red meat was beef, pork, or lamb. They did not say white meat was healthy. They did find that red meat consumption was associated with multiple lifestyle diseases. I discuss the findings of the paper as well as people’s reaction to my sharing the article on Facebook. This leads me to another quote by Dr Seuss; “Today is gone, Today was fun, Tomorrow is another one”. We have a great opportunity to participate in healing ourselves through green-plants. There is a whole new world awaiting you full of color and new tastes as well as energy and a positive sense of wellness. I hope you enjoy the episode. Email me a and check out the website for more information. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter @jaimeladulaney. Thanks for listening.

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