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Podcast: Austin Marathon Recap and Why You Should Not Sit for Long

Welcome, and Thank you for listening!.  This episode is a recap of the Austin Marathon.  One of my facinations about running long distance is it’s correlation to life.  You prepare and plan, but you really do not know what is coming until you actually begin to experience it.  We can control control for some variables, […]
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Podcast: Comfort Food and E-cigs

Welcome! and Thank you for Listening.  What does Paula Dean have to do with E-Cigs? How different is cheesy grits and bacon from E cigs when it comes to health.  You cannot live on E cigs, but you can survive in some form eating greasy “comfort” foods as she describes.  However, both will ultimately get […]
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Blogpost: Welcome to Eating Season

It starts with Halloween and ends New Year’s Day. Eating season. Temptations are everywhere. People bring their leftover Halloween candy to work or it fills lunch bags to get rid of the excess. Candy is on sale in the stores in giant bags. This leads into Thanksgiving and moves right along to holiday parties and […]
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Podcast: How are You Going to Up Your Game

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  I hope you had the opportunity to see The Game Changers Movie.  We had a great turnout here in Port Charlotte, Florida.  I think there were many positives from the movie, and it was very educational.  Yes you can be big and strong and eat plants.  I especially liked […]
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