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Podcast: Don’t Be Mislead by Metrics

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  There are so many nutritional claims suggesting certain foods result in the best outcome.  But what outcomes are they referring to?  How much dietary change do you really need to do?  Why change anyway?  Today’s discussion is about risk versus benefits.  How do you personally measure health improvement?  What […]
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Blogpost: Are Metrics Synonymous with Health

Many justifications for medical or dietary change is that they change a metric in a positive way. However, fixing one metric does not guarantee that another will not become worse. Metrics are typically things we can measure that we assume are surrogates for improved health. A metric could be lipid numbers, weight, body mass index, […]
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Podcast: Seven Ways to Ensure Long Term Health

Welcome! and Thank you for listening!.  My grandmother always said, “don’t put off tomorrow what you could be doing today”  Those are some great words to live by when focusing on health and wellness as well.  We can be of even better service to others if we also focus on keeping fit and healthy.   […]
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