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Podcast: Summertime Fun with Addie Majnaric, RDN

Welcome! and Thank you for listening!.  Summertime fun is here along with BBQs and picnics.  What is a plant based person to do?  How can you possible have fun or even survive?   Addie Majnaric, RDN joins me today to discuss our upcoming Zoom Nutrition Conference June 16, 2021 where we will address those things and […]
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Blogpost: How Could this Possibly Work?

You will loose weight, look younger, have more energy, reverse heart disease, decrease your risk of cancer, reverse arthritis, reverse diabetes, lower your cholesterol and have a positive mental attitude. Really? All of those things can occur just by eating plant based? Then why don’t more people do it? It is impossible. It is too […]
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Podcast: Visit with Naples Green Scene

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  The format of this episode is a little different.  It is a recording of my book signing and talk in Naples Florida along with a Q and A.  I hope you enjoy the discussions.  It is quite informal.  I enjoyed getting to know many of the folks there.  There […]
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Podcast: What is the Price of Cheat Day?

Welcome! and Thank you for listening!. A lot of paleo people say they need a cheat meal because they have such a craving for carbohydrates that they have been denying their bodies.  It would be a good thing to cheat on a keto or paleo diet if it were with nutrient dense fruit or colorful […]
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