Trouble shooting your body

When our cars starts shaking or pulling to one side, we take them to the garage to get the tires balanced or rotated.  When it grinds to start, we worry about the battery and have it checked.  When the red light comes on that says check engine, we make an appointment at the garage right away.  We don’t want to be without our car, and it is too expensive to have to replace.  So most people try to take good care of their cars and do regular maintenance.  We do occasionally  see the car on the road that is all battered and worn as it smokes and bounces down the road.  But, for the most part, we try to keep our vehicles running in top condition.

So when does our body need attention?  Do we wait until fluids are leaking?  Do we wait until we cannot walk without gasping?  Do we keep pounding our feet and legs until they buckle with all of the weight we put upon them?

And what kind of attention really helps our body stay in good shape?  Yearly radiation in the form of x rays to see if there is an abnormal shadow that may cause a problem in the future?  Should we have probes stuck up orifices that are already there and additional ones that are man made to check our insides? What does a body under stress look like?  Is the food that is consumed daily important for maintenance of a healthy body?  How do you know when your body is starting to let you down and is there anything you can do to prevent it?

Most of this seems fairly obvious.  Our body is much harder to replace than a car, yet many don’t worry about daily maintenance.  Unhealthy foods, late nights, inhalation of chemicals and many more abuses occur on a daily basis over the years.  There are warning signs, more like suggestions, that the body is failing early that are rarely acted upon.  What is acceptable normal wear and tear of the body? Waiting for the diagnosis of a disease is too late and unfortunately, the yearly physical, and most diagnostic testing does just that.

When you start your car, the dashboard lights up and if their are red lights, we begin assesses what needs to be fixed.  Weight is a great assessment of the load on the body as are aches and pains.  Your heart has to pump nutrients to every square inch of your body.  That includes the little capillaries feeding fat tissue.  The more you have the more your heart has to pump.  Little aches and pains are a sign of inflammation not just normal wear and tear.  The best way to treat them is to eat anti inflammatory foods not just take a pain pill.  We eliminate wastes through our sweat, our breath, our urine and stool.  If these systems are not working, there is going to be a build up of toxins.  Drinking water to thirst to assure hydration helps to keep all systems moving.  Eating  over 70 mg of fiber a day assures normal colon function and gut microbe health.  The first thing people report when eating plant strong is the improvement in colon function.  These are habits that need to be learned just like learning to drive and checking the dashboard signals.  The more we take care of ourselves on a daily basis, the less likely we are to get a lifestyle disease that requires treatment or replacement parts.  If you do have a lifestyle disease then then daily focus is even more important to reverse the condition before it affects your lifespan.   If you are unsure how to trouble shoot your body on a daily basis, give us an email @ or call so that we can help you.

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    Love the car analogy! Pam Popper said that people spend more time researching what kind of car they should buy than what kind of doctor they should go to. We only have one body. Thanks for helping us learn how to fuel it properly for the most mileage possible 🙂

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    Jane R

    Right on point. Just what I needed to read today. Thanks!

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