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Where do I get my “Protein”?  I am feeling tired,  I must not be getting enough protein.

What is a protein anyway?  What is a complete protein?   Proteins are macronutrients and large building blocks.   They must be broken down to be used to make muscle, connective tissue, and enzymes that the body  uses to function.  They are broken down into amino acids.  There are nine that humans need to eat that cannot be synthesized: phenylalanine, valine, threonine, tryptophan, methionine, leucine, isoleucine, lysine and histidine.   All other amino acids are assimilated  by the body for its needs in various functions.  Energy is not really one of them.  Any excess ingested is turned into fat.  If one ingests excessive protein one will not become excessively muscular.  Only repeated contraction of a muscle can stimulate the production of more muscle fibers.   One does not need to worry about which amino acids they are ingesting.  Animal protein contains all of the essential amino acids as does beans and seeds.   All plants contain the essential amino acids just not necessarily in the quantity needed.   However, by consuming a variety of plants and fruits one gets plenty of the essential amino acids.  Nor do all of the essential amino acides need to be consumed at one time.  The body is able to breakdown protein and store what it needs for later use.   So as long as one gets enough calories more than enough essential amino acids will be stored.   In fact there is some evidence that plant protein may be safer because there is not the high quantity of complete proteins.  As adults high levels of IGF-1 or insulin like growth factor stimulates the growth of abnormal cells which potentiates tumor growth as well as vascular overgrowth.

If you believe you are feeling tired or weak after switching to a plant based diet, I would question whether you are eating enough calories for your activity or if you are getting whole foods that are not processed.   They should look like they did when harvested not milled into flours or processed into boxed ready to eat foods.

Stents versus Vegetables

A stent will relieve intractable angina if a blockage is greater than 70% narrowed.  It can be life saving in the setting of an acute myocardial infarction where the vessels is 100% blocked.  With the stent comes a need for potent blood thinners to keep the stents open.   This could be a lifelong need.   Acute or sudden blockages of stented arteries have happened when the blood thinner was stopped for whatever reason.  The stent treats a focal narrowing in a specific location by pushing the blood vessel lining and plaque up against the wall of the vessel and is a forever vessel changing device.   Inflamation and new blockages can form around and within the stent over time.   The procedure carries a  1-2%  risk of stroke, heart attack or death.   The vascular disease process also continues throughout the body.   The side effects of the blood thinners are an increase risk of bleeding which can be serious if head trauma occurs or if gastrointestinal bleeding occurs.   They have to be held before surgeries or the complications can be serious.  A bridge with short acting blood thinners is often utilized in the form of injections.   Or….

Eating a plant based diet rich in colorful vegetables and dark greens as well as whole grains and potatotes  can result in a leaner body composition and the eiminimation  of cholesterol and blood pressure medications.   Oh and your artery disease will reverse.  The single layer of endothelial cells in the blood vessel wall will actually heal…everywhere.   Energy will improve.   Constipation and diverticular disease gone.   These and many other benefits without co pays or side effects.   Too good to be true?   The science is there.  Why not give it a go for 21 days and see how it feels.

Office Plant Based Nutrition Class

The next session starts September 2, 2015.  They last one hour and include educational materials, cooking and tasting demonstrations.  (I cook and the students taste) and shopping trips.  They are schedule from 4-5 pm EST.  If interest permits we will be adding a 5:30-6:30 pm EST  class as well.   Contact us for more information.   Spouses come for free.   It is important to get everyone involved to benefit all.

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