Episode 43 with Paul Shapiro of the Humane Society-Farm Animal Protection

Welcome. Today’s podcast features Paul Shapiro, Vice President of the Humane Society’s Farm Animal Protection Division. Paul has written numerous articles on the benefits of eating a predominately plant based diet. He is non judgmental and compassionate. His division has introduced Meatless Monday campaigns to universities and hospitals all over the country providing them with detailed how to guidelines. He has been an animal activist since he was a teenager and has learned that you can win more hearts with compassion than anger. He is an avid endurance athlete as well promoting a healthy vegan lifestyle as he works across the country advocating for animals and the environment. Check out the Humane Society Meatless Monday recipes. New ones are released on Fridays so you can gather the supplies to try one on Monday. Also check out to learn what those labels really mean. It is a shame that industry spends such great energy to fool us into thinking that everything is on the up and up.
Also check out the Trailrunner nation podcast and the Gordy Ainsleigh interview on the Western states 100 and his take on ultra running.

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