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Podcast: Enough Mitochondria

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  The health buzz word is often centered around getting enough of… Enough protein, sleep, calcium, or even sleep.  In our material worlds we  often have so much of that there has been the development of an industry for storage units.  We have so much that we need off site […]
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Podcast: Plant Based Mom Mom

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  I am very lucky that the various hats I wear seem to connect easily with my nutritional choices.   I was a daughter, doctor, wife and mother in that order, before  I became plant based nutritionally.  I became Mom Mom recently, and it is my favorite of all.  My roles […]
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Podcast: My Why for Treating Heart Disease

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  This podcast was recorded on January 4, 2023.  Turns out it was the day my grandmother died 54 years ago at age 72.   She died of a massive myocardial infarction after having had diabetes for 20 plus year.  Her only medication was an oral hyperglycemic medication.  Pacemakers were new […]
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Podcast: Thriving During the Holidays

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.   Another year is coming to a close.  I hope that your health journey has been progressive.  The stress of the holiday season can lead to some poor choices with regard to holiday traditions.  My personal health journey has resulted in amending holiday traditions a little each year.  The sugary, […]
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Podcast: Vitamin C and Your Microbiome

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.   How do vitamins really work?  I took a Flintstones multivitamin as a child.  I suppose it was to cover the basis for any deficiencies that I may have had.  In reality, taking a multivitamin was something that was just the thing to do.  The One a Day vitamin company […]
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Podcast: Outliers and Age Group Dilemmas

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  The California International marathon is in the books.  Based on our training it was more of a training run then a race.  Bottom line is that you run like you train.  I had the opportunity to do some trouble shooting with regards to some hip cramping that I will […]
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Podcast: Doug Evans author of The Sprout Book

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  How do you eat an organic nutrient dense plant based diet cheap? Grow some of your own food.  There are more options than you would initially think and range from a full backyard garden or community raised beds to porch pots of vegetables and herb gardens.  If that is […]
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Podcast: Run, Swim, Rock Climb Repeat: Plus a Little Cardio Talk as Well.

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  The American Heart Association minimal weekly cardiovascular exercise suggestion is 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise.  The funny part is that most of those committee members probably don’t meet the goal and cannot define what moderate to vigorous exercise might look like.  Thirty minutes three times a week […]
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