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Podcast: Sugar Sugar

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  “Don’t eat sugar”.  “I gave up carbs.” “Sugar feeds cancer.”  What does that mean?  Sugar is a disaccharide of glucose and fructose.  It sounds like the sugar in fruit.  Starch is long chains of sugar.  Most people say potatoes and grains are starches.  But are potatoes only starch?  That […]
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Podcast: Odyssey Swim Run Austin

elcome! and Thank you for listening.  People like us do things like this…Seth Godin We did the Odyssey Swim Run Austin last weekend, and I will be giving you our race report.  Spoiler alert: IT WAS GREAT! Why were there not more people in the 50-70 age group there?  Why is my local pool empty […]
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Podcast: Conversation with Ali Jahn and Breast Cancer Hope

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Life is a journey as “they” say, and it rarely goes as we imagine.  Perhaps those jolt-like twists and turns can be an awakening to a new and better path.  Today’s guest, Ali Jahn, experienced some life changing events that led her to a path of optimism and action.  […]
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Podcast: Find Another Channel

Welcome! and Thank you for listening. How many people blame their orthopedic problems on adolescent injuries?  According to the CDC about 58.5 million adults have arthritis.  43.9% of those people report that it is an activity limiter.  50% of those greater than age 65 are unable to work or are disabled because of arthritis.  51% […]
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Podcast: Calcium in All the Wrong Places?

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Most people thinking of switching to a plant based diet worry about getting “enough of “ and in particular “enough calcium”.  Most are not exactly sure about all the things calcium is used for, but most associate calcium with bone health.  Thank you dairy association.  However, calcium is vital […]
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Podcast: Magic Menu

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.   Magic menu, magic health, magic weight loss: I have all the answers! Even David Copperfield will tell you that it is just an illusion.  Perhaps that is what keeps us coming back.  The belief that we can be surprised before our very eyes.  The truth is that a magician […]
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Podcast: Food Matters

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.   I think most people listening to this podcast believe that plant based nutrition can prevent and reverse lifestyle diseases.  But what about infectious diseases?  Do we fight infectious diseases or not let them get a hold in the first place?  Is sterilizing the environment with chemicals and prophylaxis  with […]
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Podcast: Interview with Mechanist, Katy Bowman

Welcome! and thank you for listening.  Today I am joined by Katy Bowman. Bestselling author, speaker, and a leader in the Movement movement, bio mechanist Katy Bowman is changing the way we move and think about our need for movement. Her nine books, including the groundbreaking “Move Your DNA” and “Movement Matters”, have been translated […]
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