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Blogpost: Back Pain and Walking

Everyday.  Everyday. Why not practice moving everyday?  Your knees don’t wear out from walking.  They wear out from muscle loss and imbalance that leads to wear and tear on the joints.  Inflammation causes pain.  Take inflammatory foods out of your diet and those bad knees will not hurt so much.  Back pain is one of […]
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Podcast: Why Gary Player is an Outlier

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.   This is the weekend of the Masters Golf Tournament.  To begin there was an honorary start with Tee shots by Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, and Tom Watson.  Gary is the oldest at 88.  He was the most spry and energetic.  As a student of the game of golf, I […]
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Blogpost: Grateful to Be Able to Walk

I don’t have time to walk is like saying I don’t have time to breath. It is one of the biggest moments we celebrate with our children.  If they can walk, it is going to be ok. Their brain body connection has grown to the point where they can stand, balance, and take their first […]
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Podcast: What’s New with MamaSezz with Meg Donahue

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.   Today I have the founder of MamaSezz healthy food company.  As many of you know, MamaSezz began as a plant based whole meal delivery service.  Meg had been in the food industry and retired only to discover the need for easy plant based meals for those not able or […]
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Podcast: Who Are You?

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Who are you?  What story do you use to answer that question?  Perhaps your story fits who you are but not who you wish to be.  Today’s podcast is about changing the story to become more healthy.  Our story can help us accept our circumstances, but we often forget […]
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Podcast: Early Detection or Prevention

Welcome! and Thank you for listening. Telomeres are the end caps on DNA that protect it from unraveling.  They can be measure in white blood cells to determine their length.  The shorter they become, the more likely for the DNA to start to develop errors.  This leads to failure of the bodies organs and functions […]
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Podcast: Work Horse versus Race Horse

Welcome! and thank you for listening. Burro racers will tell you that a burro needs to feel safe in order to try something new.  He will not be lured into a bad situation as he sees it.  Horses are much more about pushing to the limits and need a variety of coaching to reach their […]
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Podcast: Reducing Cardiovascular Risk Factors

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Are we at the mercy of our genetics?  Should we just accept our fate as being genetically flawed is some way or another.  There is talk about plasticity of the brain or forming new circuits.  Body builders change their shape through specific workouts.  We can become runners after starting […]
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Podcast: Training to be a Grandparent

Welcome! and Thank you for listening. I had the pleasure of welcoming my second grandchild, Cecelia Joy, into the world last week.  It is a blessing getting to experience the world through the eyes of a child, and do be able to do it as a grandparent is even more special.  We have time and […]
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