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Episode 131- Don’t Fool the Doctor

Welcome and thank you for listening. My office staff knows I have very good ears. I hear everything that goes on out front. I also see what people are buying in the grocery store when they don’t even realize. We all know it is hard to fool our mothers. So can you imagine how hard […]
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Episode 130 with Dr. Bulsiewicz-HappyGutMD

  Welcome and thank you for listening. When your gut is happy you will be happy. Mainly because you gut contains 100 trillion microbes that can either help to make you very healthy or perhaps very sick. Today I welcome Dr. Bulsiewicz or as he prefers, Dr B. Dr. B is a gastroenterologist and gut […]
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Episode 129-Eating Healthy at Any Age

Where did your eight year old child or even your 18 year old child get their nutrition degree? Certainly not school where ketchup is considered a vegetable. The reality is they get their wants and desires from media aimed directly at them. Cool kids eat burgers, fries and cheese pizza. Vegetables are for old people. […]
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Episode 126- I will Instead of I know

Welcome and thanks for tuning into my podcast. My goal is to help people achieve their optimal health whether online or in my office. Sometimes we just have to get out of our own way. My mother and a navy seal named David Goggins have something in common. They both realize the value of looking […]
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Episode 125- You Can Do More Than You Think You Can

Welcome and thank you for listening to my podcast. This has been a busy week with the launch of my wellness practice. I am still practicing cardiology but I am now offering primary care and wellness as services to my member patients. The response has been overwhelmingly supportive but I do have the best patients […]
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Episode 124-Welcome to my Membership Practice

Welcome and thank you for listening to this very important episode. I am proud to announce the release of my new website which summarizes the changes to my practice and introduces my new online programs. For those of you not local, there will be two levels of online wellness education. Level I will include […]
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Episode 122-Summertime Nutrition and More

Welcome and thanks for listening. I hope you are enjoying summer. To me that means the tropical fruits are ripening and my training is ramping up again for a fall Ironman. This week I discuss Mamey Sapote, a sweet orange fruit packed with fiber, vitamin c, minerals and beta caratenoids. We also discuss the basics. […]
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