Episode 109- The Doctor and the Professor: Take One

Welcome and thank you for listening. In Today’s podcast I reconnect with Timaree Hagenburger, RD, MpH to discuss stumbling blocks for maintaining or perhaps starting a plant based diet. This episode will kick off a series of podcast discussions with Timaree on being an “excusatarian” vs a “doer” Sometimes when you actually speak of the excuses they become less real. Sometimes, you just need help figuring out an alternative. Perhaps we can help you to make adopting plant based nutrition a little easier or perhaps just perceive it as less of a change and more of an opportunity. In reality the stumbling block are small and your ability to over come these perceived obstacles to health will not be that hard and can actually be quite enjoyable. I hope you enjoy listening and please email me with questions at Visit my website at Pick up a copy of Timaree’s book, The Foodie Bar Way for great recipes. Check us both out on Instagram to see what is cooking. I’m found at jaimeladulaney and Timaree can be found at thenutritionprofessor. Check out her website as well at

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