Episode 110-Superfood or Whole Food

Time is one of my most precious commodities. If I just had a few more hours in the day, I could do so much more. The next thought is often, how can I do that more efficient or quicker? There are a lot of suggestions on how to do just that and they are referred to often as “life hacks”. Nutrition is the first thing that is often “hacked” Drive through food, frozen dinners, shakes and supplements are just a few. Is so called “astronaut food” as good as “real food”? Could we live on supplements or dehydrated superfoods? Would we want to? I often get asked are vegetables powders and proteins ok? or are they just the same? The first thought is that no one wants their pizza dehydrated or their burger dehydrated but who cares about the beets? How about the greens? I care. I did a little research of my own and came up with a very interesting article from The Johns Hopkins University Press and the Society for the History of Technology call Algae Burgers for a Hungry World? The Rise and Fall of Chlorella Cuisine. I found it fascinating and so timely. I hope you enjoy listening to my synopsis of the paper. I would also like to invite you to plant based Fridays during the Lent Season. Hold the meat, fish, dairy and oil on Fridays and see how it goes. Take time to enjoy the flavor and colors of your meal much like spring time. Notice the aliveness of your plate with the vegetables and fruit and feel the goodness after your meal. Contact me at jamidulaney@gmail with questions and please visit for all that is new. I would love a review on ITunes or on Google if you enjoy my content. Thank you for listening.

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