Episode 120-My Thoughts for the Week

Welcome and thanks for listening to the podcast. Today we talk about accentuating the positive. It is easy to loose focus about being healthy when we surround ourselves with unhealthy people. Sometimes we are so focused on pleasing others that we let our own health suffer. I would counter by saying to serve others unhealthy food is not a service but enabling their poor choices. Keep your house plant strong and be a lighthouse for healthy happy eating. You need support as well so find a MOAI or a like minded support group of people that can support your plant based choices and support you emotionally. You are most like the company you keep so try and include some health conscience people in that group. We are pack animals and do best when we are socially engaged. Join an exercise group or a plant based food group that can also provide social support. It is even better if that involves some outside sunshine time. I challenge you to try a concept called “Earthing” where by you connect to the earth via your skin either by touching the earth or a tree that is planted in the ground. There is evidence that this can neutralize free radicals thereby decreasing inflammation. A few deep breaths of fresh air and some sunshing cannot hurt!.
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