Episode 131- Don’t Fool the Doctor

Welcome and thank you for listening. My office staff knows I have very good ears. I hear everything that goes on out front. I also see what people are buying in the grocery store when they don’t even realize. We all know it is hard to fool our mothers. So can you imagine how hard it is to fool your doctor who is a mother. The good thing is I know it is not meant or intended for the most part. But I don’t believe that all of my patients are that forgetful when it comes to what they eat. However, when we grab and go or eat while driving or standing we are not mindful of our food. We do not realize the portion size or it’s taste or nutrients. How can we say we enjoy or it is comfort food when it is taken in so fast? Today I discuss mindful eating and how that allows us to use food as medicine for healing. Our taste buds change quickly given a little attention and mindfulness. Health is not that hard to attain when you focus on the correct things. Plate your food and look to see the colors of the rainbow. The more color the more nutrients and satisfaction you will get.

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