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I often try to emphasize healthy choices over “comfort food” selections when it comes to food choices.   Right away healthy congers up tasteless or at least not sweet, salty or fatty that we think of with the “comfort” food selection.  The word comfort gives us permission as though we are caring for ourselves.  The reality could not be further from the truth. Not long after ingestion of those foods, we loose the comfort and it is replaced by guilt followed often by discomfort.  I really enjoyed my chat with Dr. Bulsiewicz on my last podcast.  He brought up an interesting point that we consume 3 pounds of food a day or about 1000 pounds a year.  That is a big opportunity to either really heal your body or really do some damage.   I know you are think that I don’t eat bad all the time and a deserve a little cheat now and then.  The problem is we don’t log the cheats and they can really add up over time.  Does the good really out weigh the bad?

How much of your monthly budget goes to bad versus good food choices.  Do you try to justify your choices by that healthy smoothie that you have each morning.  Is it even better with the protein powder that is claimed to restore youth and vibrance?  I was scrolling through Twitter today and saw and advertisement for a “clean green protein”.  The jar was bright green as well, making it vegan friendly.  A little closer inspection showed a reference to the trademark protein Lentein.  Sounds like lentils it must be good.  On further inspection it was aqua farmed.  Even better in crystal blue waters.  I know that because the label was a pretty blue.  So we have a clean protein that is from plants grown in the water that sounds like lentils but better.  To the tune of $60.00 a container.  It is vanilla flavored but I did not see where the vanilla bean was grown. Will you be more healthy if you drink this than buying a bag of brown lentils for $1.50 and adding some steamed greens and fruit?  Let me help.  No.  That trademark protein comes from duckweed.  It is high in protein and is a complete protein.  It is processed into a powder.  No fiber.  No magic.  Add a little water and you can use if for hydration but the water did that already.   For the $60.00 you can buy a lot of nutrient dense fruits, vegetables and whole grains that you actually recognize.

So don’t be fooled into thinking you need a host of powders and potions to be healthy on a plant based diet.  Keep it simple.  Use that 1000 pounds of food to become healthier.  I would also suggest taking a moment to look at your plate and give a little gratitude to those that grew the vegetables and prepared your meal.  This will warm your heart unlike any protein shake out there.

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    OMG! I really needed that. I have enjoyed my plant-based nutrition for decades, even when I was into macrobiotics, it was still plant-based. The difference is that, now I understand it so much better, but it seems to be harder this year. I’ll be 70 in December, I’ve lost weight, although I was already slender and I just have little interest in eating and little interest in food preparation. Your food always looks so yummy and interesting. It would be great if I could have a garden, but there’s not one drop of sun. I exaggerate. I do get about 2 hours of sun. I think I need to start listening to your podcasts again. You’re always so positive and understanding with gentle pushes to get people back on track.

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      Dr. Dulaney

      Thank you for the email. Have you ever considered a little window seal herb garden. Nothing better than adding a little fresh basil, parsley or oregano to you food. Loaded with antioxidants and the same NO producing potential as the other great greens.

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