Episode 41 with Kathy Grant

Thank you for listening. My first apology is to Dr. Walter M. Bortz II, MD. I call him Dr. Neal Bortz during the interview. He is the author of Roadmap to 100. This episode features the plant based journey of Kathy Grant. She discusses her journey to health through a plant based diet. She is active in a plant based community potluck group that meets in St Petersburg, Florida. I think the support from such groups is fantastic. Ideas and recipes can be shared. One can get motivation from others on a similar path.
I am looking for people with arrhythmias on a plant based diet that are athletes. I would like to hear your story for an upcoming discussion with Dr. Paul Thompson on arrhythmias and endurance sports.
Also, check out my new website, where you can find this and other podcast and learn what is new in our practice. As always you can reach me at

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