Podcast Episode 40-Musings with the Doc

PlantPure Nation - Ft. Myers
I went to see PlantPureNation last night. Nelson Campbell et all made a stellar effort in writing and producing this movie. I had a very interesting night. Usually, I am surrounded by “plant based foodies” in these situations but last night I listened to a frank review of plant based documentary films. My mother has said “the truth hurts” sometimes and it does. But Colin Campbell says it sets you free. And I have lived life on the underdog team so I am used to dusting off and going back in the game. This episode has a little of all of that so I hope you can sympathize with me a little or even give me a hopeful shout out. I believe eating and living a whole plant foods no added oil diet is the way to go to promote health and compassion for others so I will keep looking to find more ways to get the work out and support others in their quest for health. Enjoy!

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