Episode 45-Committment to a plant based diet

Welcome to the 45th episode. I am solo this week to talk about my training and adopting a whole foods plant based diet. There are many obstacle and turns. A lot of confusion about what is the right way to eat. Commit to a whole foods plant based diet and things will improve. It is not for those looking for easy or life hacks. There are no drive throughs or pills that will help. But there is a sense of satisfaction being in control of what is on your plate and more importantly what is making you healthy versus what is making you sick. Buying your own fruits and vegetables and preparing and sharing with others is extremely rewarding. Verbalizing your commitment to health will be supported by your friends and family. You will not see or hear the truth on commercials or advertisements. There are no “hacks” to health. Join me to learn to regain your health and happiness.
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