Episode 54-Eating Season Begins

Halloween starts with the candy. Did you buy the kind you like so that you can have what is left? Did you think what might be a little healthier or perhaps vegan? Still a lot of sugar in the stores as you wall in. Now we are approaching Thanksgiving which has grown to become centered around the poor turkey somehow. Have you considered pardoning your own turkey this year? George H. Bush was the first to do so in 1989. How about pumpkin pie? Sarah Josepha Hale made the first set of Thanksgiving recipes in 1863. We will enjoy a tofu/pumpkin pie in a date/nut crust. If you are plant based you can be thankful for taking back control of your own health. Still struggling? Is it like walking across the hot embers in a fire walk? Looking to the end result of good health and great taste can lead you across. Take a covered dish to you family’s house if they are not plant based Quietly lead by example this year and perhaps next year they will join you. Send me your favorite Thanksgiving recipe made plant based. I will share it with everyone and perhaps make it myself. Be thankful and compassionate this eating season and you will find much joy and happiness. Email me at and check out my website at

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