Episode 58 with the Butterflyvegan baker- Parvaneh Keivanfar

Butterfly-Vegan-Web-HeaderWelcome and Happy Holidays!. My memories of the holidays are of my grandmother baking cookies and making candy to give to others and to have at our Christmas gatherings. It was a very special time of the year. She would let me help make the cookies and we would put them in tins upstairs in a cold room to store and admire. I have tried to continue the tradition with my family. Since becomig vegan we have veganized our favorite recipes but they were still full of vegan oils. We are now trying to make them a little more healthy adding nuts for crusts and fruit as sweeteners. We found the Buterflyvegan bakery at the Sacramento farmers market and enjoyed persimmon pie, chocolate pie, rum cake and apple crumble. Parvonah is offering a discount on your first order if you use the code, PBW on the website. I know you will enjoy.
You can reach me at or Dont forget to buy your tickets for the First Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Conference January 23, 2016 featuring Caldwell Esselstyn. They can be purchased on

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    Love your podcast, especially this episode! What a find! I’ve placed my order and can’t wait to taste it.

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      Dr. Dulaney

      Thank you.

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