Episode 61-Chris Crowley, author of Younger Next Year

th-2400x400Welcome. This episode features the co author of Younger Next Year, Chris Crowley. He is a lawyer that discovered life could get even better next year with exercise and a healthy diet. He took what he learned from his inital visit with his doctor, Henry Lodge, M.D. and together they researched and presented the reasons we need to exercise six days a week until we die. That is if we want to live until we die versus continue to decline until we die. Not only do we need to exercise but we need to have good nutrition i.e. whole foods plant based and also commitment. We function best in packs so having isolation is not good. We need to have a purpose and people we care about until we die. We need to move our bodies and expand our lungs in order to keep this wonderful body functioning well. It is possible to be better day after day no matter what age. Sure there will be good and bad days but the slope should stay level or increase instead of decline. Listen and enjoy. Check out the website and the books: Younger Next Year and Younger Next Year Exercise Program.
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