Episode 65 with Dr. Ron Weiss of Ethos Health

e5b8df_c2e0f944a47145979209de9491709937Ethos Health is the dream made true by Dr. Ron Weiss. He began as a botany major in college and then fullfilled his dream of becoming a physician. His journey to becoming plant strong began when his father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Dr. Weiss is a dedicated physican and healer of people and the plantet buy educating people on whole foods plant based nutrtition on the 275 year old farrm where Ethos Health was born. He has launched “A Year of Mindful Living” program there where people can begin with a 30 day detoxification using a basic whole plant foods diet. He then takes them on a year long journey of education about plant based nutrition, farming and mindful living. The farm is located on the South Branch of the Raritan River in New Jersey. Check out his website at for beautiful images of the farm and more information about his wonderful practice. I believe Dr. Weiss practices medicine as it should be practiced. To heal through education and compassion. I am honored to have him as a guest on my podcast. Please enjoy.
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