Episode 68- Dining at the Ravens

This episode is a review of the cookbook, Dining at the Ravens and of my chat with the authors, Jeff and Joan Standford. Unfortunately, a technical error occurred and I lost the audio. I was heart broken because Jeff and Joan took an hour of their busy day to speak with me and it was a wonderful chat. They are ethical vegans that have not compromised their ethics running The Standford Inn with the associated Ravens restaurant on their property. They purchased The Standford Inn in 1985 and remodeled and designed what is now a fabulous resort and restaurant. Instead of landscaping they created an organic garden landscape like the Chinese Gardens growing vegetables organically for the restaurant. They began vegetarian and then became a vegan restaurant first serving only breakfast and then moved on to dinner. Most of their patrons are not expecting a whole foods plant based dinning experience but are amazed at the beauty and quality of the elegantly displayed meals. Dining at the Ravens in their second cookbook featuring many of the recipes created by Jeff. They have added excerpts on how to make the dishes without oil and have tried to make most of the recipes without processed ingredients. The book is wonderful. Check out their website at Standford Also email me a with questions. Check out my website at

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