Epidsode 69-Susan Benigas-Exec. director of the Plantrician Project

Sometimes good people just need to be reminded of their mission. Most physicians set out to help people become healthy. To heal them from disease. Somewhere along traditional medicine we started to believe that there were only two ways. Mediince and surgery. One or the other. And we as physician join one of those teams when we enter residency. Medicine route or surgical route. And then we can subspecialize even further. We have become good at diagnosing disease but not so good at preventing the diseae or curing the chronic diseases. We have become satisfied in slowing the course. “Let food be thy medicine” was uttered long ago by Hippocrates. Now some of us are excited to use food as medicine to heal and prevent chronic lifestyle diseases. Susan Benigas has taken the mission upon herself to spread the word of Hippocrates to physicians so that we can begin to heal people as we originally sought out to do. Listen as she talks of the progress that is being made to get the medical community on board to take back the practice of medicine to mean prevent and reverse chronic lifestyle diseases. Check out the webside and for more information. Also check out The Plantrician Project for more information. Contact me at or Thanks for listening. I would love a 5 star rating on ITunes.

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