Episode 70-Eric O’Grey-Who Rescued Who?


Loyal to the end. Unconditional love. Man’s best friend. We all recognize those phrases. Eric O’Grey saved a dog and a dog named Peety saved him. He was morbidly obese and hid from the world as much as possible until his naturopathic physician suggested he adopt a dog so that he would be force to go for walks. She also showed him how to become plant based. With walking Peety and eating a whole foods plant based diet he lost over 160 pounds in a year. Peety lost weight as well. They began running and the rest will bring a tear to your eye and warmth to your heart. Watch his video on, Eric and Peety. You will need a tissue. You can find Eric on Twitter @Eric_O’Grey or Eric is now a strong advocate for pet adoption and a marathon runner. He will be featured on the Rachel Ray show in May along with his new four-legged running partner, Jake. Simple steps such as getting an accountability partner and taking nutrition back to whole plant foods can lead to happiness and health.
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