Episode 72 with Tim Kaufman-Rantings of a Former Fat Man

pixlrTim Kaufman is a former fat man. He is now a teacher, an athlete, and an inspiration. I get the sense he is also a gentle giant when speaking with him. Please check out his website at
Tim has Ehrlers Danlos syndrome that is a connective tissue disorder that affects the joints in particular. Extra weight can be a death sentence. He chose to be grateful for life itself and took one step at a time to regain his health and save his own life. He is enjoying a youth that he missed with his wife as they now climb mountains and run marathons. He has shrunk nearly 200lb from a 400lb sick man. His website posts are tough love. Do not take time to pity or make excuses. Take a step toward health. Even if it is small.
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Enjoy this plant strong story.
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