Episode 73-Dr. Joel Furhman-The End of Heart Disease


“Share goodwill with others”. That is exactly what preparing a whole plant food nutrient dense meal is doing for your friends and family. Heart disease is the number one cause of death and entirely preventable. We are intolerant of motor vehicle defects that cause fatal crashes yet eating the Standard American Diet which leads to heart disease that kills more than 700,000 people each year. Dr Joel Furhman has just release his latest book called, The End of Heart Disease. He explains how to live a heart disease free life by eating a nutrient dense whole foods plant based diet. The side effects of course are tons of energy, lower risk of cancer and dementia. No muscle aches or liver damage.
Check out his book and video at Say No to Heart Disease. It is pretty simple. I highly recommend his Banana Oat Cookies and his Healthy Chocolate Cake as well. But remember to eat a giant green salad and a big bowl of vegetable soup first. Send me questions at and check out my website at

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