Episode 75-Matthew Kenney- Crafting the Future of Food

This episode features Matthew Kenney. He is the founder and developer of multiple raw food and vegan restaurants around the world including Plant Food + Wine; in Venice, California, and Miami, Florida, and 00 +Co in New York, New York and his newest set to open in May; Arata, in Belfast, Maine. He is the author of multiple fabulous cookbooks including Raw Food Real World, Everyday Raw and Raw Food Express. His next book will be 90 Day Raw Food Diet. He has culinary schools in California, Miami, Maine, and Thailand. He is a culinary and health visionary with a passion to educate and demonstrate the beauty of fine vegan and raw food cuisine. I was so excited to be able to speak with a chef that invisions health instead of promoting disease. Check out his website at He is as he says truely “Crafting the Future of Food”
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