Episode 74-Jason Cohen-Big Change The Film

12803001_1163154137052303_159785673436590632_n Being sick and overweight can seem like an insurmountable challenge. One worth ignoring. Everyday there are advertisements for a quick fix via injections, supplements or major surgeries. Often these so call mechanical cures can lead to more problems that still require medical care an can be quite limiting. Is it possible to loose weight or regain your health without being in a spa or on a reality tv show? Jason Cohen is on a mission to document Big Change in ordinary people living regular lives and working regular jobs with a regular family. He also make a big change loosing a significant amount of weight. Now he does much of his photography travel via bicycle. He is a young guy that fast food and chain food got a hold of and made him overweight and on the way to major health problems. Listen to his story and check out his YouTube Chanel: Big Change The Film.
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