Episode 77-Salute to the Military

US flags at graves at Veterans cemetery

US flags at graves at Veterans cemetery

Welcome to episode 77!. Just me this episode. It is Memorial Day Weekend. A time to honor the fallen and remember their sacrafice for us. It is also a time of gathering friends and neighbors for cookouts. That means grilling for the masses. And a scary time to be plant based, potentially. But fear not there are plant based salads that would turn a carnivores head and Riblets! Seitan riblets on the grill and veges on the grill. Corn in the husk with red pepper sauce for dipping. Giant fruit salads. The best of both worlds. Eating til full but not feeling poorly because of the nutrient density of the food. I give you some insight to day one of my nutrition class and we discuss some dishes I have been enjoying. Contact me with questions at or

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