Episode 83- A Plant Based Wedding

Welcome to our plant based wedding. I recently celebrated the marriage of my daughter Addie Dulaney to Nathan Majnaric. It was a perfect day celebrating with wonderful friends and family. We were truely blessed. Addie and Nathan decided that they would like to have the food be plant based but to do it in such a way that introduced our omnivore friends and family to great plant based food without really annoucing it. I am pleased to tell you that it was a huge success. Even a former defensive lineman and strength coach was pleased and intrigued.
We also talk a little on lipids and the Lp(a) factor in cardiovascular disease. By eating a whole foods plant based diet the LDL declines and therefore the Lp(a) has nothing to bind with so the damage is mitigated. Bottom line eat a whole foods plant basded diet and remain active and positive. Email me at and visit the website at

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