Episode 93-The Role of Nutrition in Medical School Education

“Not every day is a good day” is something my father once told me in my disappointment over how life was going. But then again there is something good about every day. My week was not a total success but there were moments of progress. I also had my eyes opened to the difficulty of educating todays traditional medical doctors. There is a lot of information and a lot of demand to learn the traditional art of healing through medications and procedures. How to restore health in the shortness amount of time with the least amount of effort. My experience with a third year medical student this week exemplified that. He was so overwhelmed with diagnosing and medications that prevention or health through nutrition was never in view. Our medical schools need to teach more nutrition in the first two years and perhaps offer a clinical option for nutritional medicine in the forth year for the few interested. Then we must wait until the experienced physician opens their eyes to the wonders of prevention through nutrition. It is not glamorous. It will never make an episode of Chicago Med or Grey’s Anatomy, but it is real. And when one see’s the power of nutrition you cannot turn away. The progress is slow but rewarding. Healing without harm. Educating to empower others to heal themselves. Email me with questions at and visit the website at I am available for telemedicine consults through the website as well. Be well and be plant strong.

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