Episode 98-Thanksgiving Reflections

I hope you had a wonderful plant strong Thanksgiving and your heart was warmed by family and friends. This is the season of high expectations, traditions and sometimes extra stress. If you are new to plant based nutrition it could be a time when you give in to holiday temptations. Stay strong and bring a dish to share. Change your traditional dishes to plant strong versions such as stuffing balls instead of a stuffed turkey. Keep moving it is important. Be the inspiration by sharing colorful plant based dishes. Stay positive and enjoy the company around you. This is the time a year when I see a lot of patients with chest pain and heart failure largely because of what they eat. Eating plant strong will improve your immunity during the cold and flu season and give you plenty of energy to endure the busy schedules of the holiday.
Ticket sales are posted on for the Second Annual Charlotte County Plant Based nutrition Conference in Punta Gorda, Florida January 21, 2017. Make plans to join, Dr. Klaper, Timeree Hagenburger, and myself for a fun packed day of learning and fun. Email me at for questions and visit the website at Plant Strong!


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