Episode 99-Marathoning on Plants


This episode is a recap of my California International Marathon experience in Sacramento. Traveling plant based does not have to be a challenge. We enjoyed fresh fruit and vegetables at the farmers market, vegan sushi at Lou’s and cocount curried root vegetables at The Veg. I find my recovery post marathon is enhanced by a whole foods plant based diet so much that I am not willing to compromise my health by fast foods or nutirent poor choices. It does not have to be complicated or fancy. If you are just beginning to change your diet keep it simple. Roasted vegetables, soups and salads are an easy way to start. That said traditions don’t have to be abandoned such as Christmas baking. I have transitioned our family baking traditions to deserts with more fruit and nuts and away from sugar and margarine. With a little searching you can find more healthy deserts for the holidays that can be enjoyed by all without the consequences of high fat and high sugar alternatives.
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