How Golf is Like Plant Based Nutrition?

I grew up playing golf.  I have many great memories golfing with my Dad and his friends.  I also had some of my most frustrating days playing golf.  Just when you think you have it, something happens and you mess up.  Everyone from amateurs to professionals use the same excuses.  The wind, the temperature, someone moved, someone spoke, the ground was too dry or the ruff was too long.  When you first are learning,  the game every little move seems complicated.  How you hold your feet, your arms, your swing angle, or the club selection.  All your friends are willing to analyze your swing and give advise, and it is often in the middle of your backswing.   All those things that make the game so complicated also make it the most fun.  It is addicting and yet drives you crazy.  But a good round is very satisfying.

Most people were not raised in a home where vegan or plant based food was prepared.  Some people were not even raised in a home where anything was cooked.  There are a lot of how to books that are not unlike a golf manual with complicated instructions.  There are many people willing to give your their opinion of what it is you are doing wrong.  You don’t often get the dish down the first time.  A lot of people quit before they ever get it down.  Just when you think you are doing well, a blood test reveals your inadequacies.  There is oil in everything that you have counted on in the past.  Things taste bland without being covered in oil and salt.  How will you ever travel?  Can you go out for dinner and not be that nuisance that sends things back 3 times?  Will your friends ever invite you out or over to their house?  How did you become so much trouble all of a sudden? Who lives like this anyway?  You are not a professional and yet your are judged as one.  You start to think about recipes every waking moment.  It does not leave much time to think about your golf game.  And what about after golf?  The hotdogs and fries.  Salted popcorn and beer.  You have even ruined the 19th hole.

But wait a minute.  You are not a professional.  You are just trying to enjoy your free time and perhaps stay off the operating table.  Relax.  Loosen your grip.  Smell the fresh air and soft grass under your feet.  Walk without gasping.  A large fruit bowl is pretty satisfying and sweet as well.  A baked potato with some salsa over spinach looks pretty good.  What? Your weight is lower, your BP is lower, you are off all of your medications and can swing harder than ever.  Pretty satisfying.

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