Podcast: Episode 136-Don’t Get in Your Own Way

Welcome and thank you for listening.  It is breast cancer awareness month.  Most awareness is about detection and donating money for a cure.  What about prevention? I do not believe fear is the answer but insead, empowerment. What can we do as individuals to protect against cancer or prevent it’s recurrence?  It takes attention and commitment.  Nutrition plays a huge role. Eating animal protein stimulates the growth of tumor cells.  How much?  Dr. Campbell’s reseach shows an association even with 6% of calories coming from animal protein.  As it goes over 10% there is a marked increase.  Eating cruciferous vegetables and green leafy vegetables slows the growth of cells.  There is no down side to a diet high in fruit and vegetables along with whole grains.  Increasing your fiber decreases your risk.  Being overweight is associated with increased cancer risk.  Lean up to help yourself.

I heard some very good advise today about being mindful while running and listening to the Finding Mastery Podcast with Robert Rabbin.  I discussed his suggestions with regard to adopting a whole foods plant based diet.  To paraphrase, he shared to speak truthfully, listen intently, be creative, be present and pay attention



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