Podcast: Episode 27 with Sharon Livingston PhD

Join me for a stimulating conversation with Dr. Sharon Livingston about food addiction and general feelings on eating. She brings up some great ideas to be present when eating instead of just grabbing food and eating without really enjoying the pleasure and nutrients. Her website gives some great ideas to try when you are having trouble overeating. An interesting study she points out is that we often don’t even appreciate the taste of our food after the first few bites. We check out and are focused on other things and hence keep eating unaware. We talk about those family get-togethers and what they may really signify when it comes to overeating. How about those foods you cannot seem to resist? Maybe if your really made them special and gave thought about their significance and meaning before eating them you would be more mindful of the quantity that you consumed. Perhaps eating together is a way to assure contact with those we love and maybe more attention to those we love would lead us to need to eat less and interact more.

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