Podcast: Episode 28 with Evelisse Capó

Happy Earth Day one day late. I tried. Today’s episode features Dr. Evelisse Capó. She has her doctorate in Pharmacy but after learning about the health benefits of a plant based diet and witnessing first hand the poor nutrition in our hospitalized and nursing home patients, she decided to redirect her career to plant based nutrition education. She is a PCRM Food for Life Program graduate and cooking instructor as well as a CHIP Facilitator with the Lifestyle Medicine Institute. She does one on one as well as class instructions.

She has a wonderful website full of great information and recipes at She is also a wife and mother of four children all of whom are plant based. She has great insight into how to teach children the benefits of knowing where there food comes from and how to prepare delicious and nutritious meals. You can also find cooking videos on YouTube.

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