Podcast: Episode 36 with Michaela Copenhaver

Welcome and thanks for listening. Today I speak with Michaela Copenhaver. She is an elite rower hoping to make the USA Olympic rowing team as a vegan. She eats plant based whole foods and is doing excellent as an elite rower. This sport combines strength and endurance. The spring season races are 2 kilometers of all out rowing burning a tremendous amount of calories.

Why this interview? Well it is cool to speak with an Olympic hopeful. It is even more cool to speak with an elite vegan athlete. If she can do this on a vegan diet at an elite level then us regular weekend warriors can as well. She eats a whole foods diet with very little in the way of supplements. She is injury free and energetic. The one thing she has noticed most since being vegan is the lack of illness. I hope you find some pearls in this episode and give eating a whole foods plant based diet a try whether you are an competitive athlete or someone trying to regain their health. Follow her on her blog, The Lightweight Eats or on Twitter. Contact me at with questions.

Enjoy and eat plant strong.

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