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I have not posted a blog for some time.  I have been getting a podcast up and rolling called the Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast.   There has certainly been a learning curve but I am having great fun.   I am also trying to develop a plant based wellness course in my office.  Right now we have a group class lasting an hour every other week for a total of 6 sessions.   We are midway through the second class.  It is giving me time to work with small groups to educate them on the benefits of a plant based no added oil diet.   We go over recipes, label reading, scientific studies and the general why and how to become plant based.   I am really enjoying the interaction with my patients and I hope they feel special.  My goal is to have some day sessions where people can come and spend the day learning and sampling the plant based food.   A patient said today if its good don’t eat it right?   I said absolutely not at sputtered off a list of meals I had had in the last few week.   He agreed they sounded good.
My goal is to get people plant based and then off of their medications.   I would even like to do some online coaching perhaps with the goal of getting people healthy and moving again.   Perhaps even have as a goal a destination marathon or triathlon for those really wanting to step up their  game and become healthy and active.

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    I really am interested in your online coaching since I live 2?hours away in Largo, Fl.

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      Dr. Dulaney

      That sounds great. Email me at so we can set up a Skype Call to discuss a plan

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