We need to take care of our Veterans

I consider myself very patriotic. We fly the American Flag daily.  My office wears red on Friday to commemorate those lost in battle and to remember others that are not near us.  I was recently moved by the movie, The American Sniper.  We do not take care of our Veterans and the awful things we have made us endure for perhaps freedom and perhaps the power of politicians.

Today I was deeply saddened by a Vietnam Veteran that I saw in the hospital.   He went to his local VA doctor and was transferred to the hospital for very high blood pressure.  His sugars were very high as well.   He is on a multitude of medications.   He has NEVER had dietary counseling of any kind and especially that of  plant based diet.   He says his carotid arteries have blockages that they are watching.  Watching?  Why not address with FOOD.  The right kind of food.   Vegetables, potatoes and whole grains.

His sugars are not controlled on crappy hospital food.  More insulin is thrown at him.   So frustrating.  I spoke with him at length.   I gave him Dr. McDougal’s book ,   The Starch Solution,  and Dr. Esselstyn’s book,  Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease as a reference.   He has to go to the VA for his “medical care”.  He was shot in Vietnam.   They had him on Prozac for years.   We have done very little to thank this man for his bravery in the last 40 years.   The system has just watched him crumble.

I am sorry to all of the Veterans.   If this story sounds like you.  Check out those references.  Email me at and I will give your more.   What you eat can go a long way to heal.  It is the food that can hurt and can heal.

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